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from United States by Alemar Cheese Company
1 x 4 oz (whole wheel) chilled ALE-ARRI
12 x 4 oz (whole wheel) chilled ALE-APRI

About Apricity

Producer/Affineur: Alemar Cheese
Origin: Mankato, MN
Milk Type: Cow
Style: Geotrichum Soft-Ripened
Treatment: Pasteurized
Rennet: Traditional
Mouthfeel: Light, Airy, Fudgy
Flavor: Buttery, Tangy, Tahini, Fermented Fruit

Keith Adams started Alemar Cheese in 2008 in Mankato, MN. Keith asked for guidance and studied under some of the greatest American producers at that time and quickly honed his craft. The milk for Alemar's cheese comes from a single herd of 20 grass fed cows. In 2019, Alemar moved into the Twin Cities and is now part of the multifaceted Food Building, which allowed them to increase production and have a wider audience.
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