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» » » Douceur du Jura (Reblochon Type)
Douceur du Jura (Reblochon Type)

Douceur du Jura (Reblochon Type)

from France by Badoz
1 x 1.1 lbs piece chilled CHI-DOUJ
6 x 1.1 lbs piece chilled CHI-DOUJ

About Douceur du Jura (Reblochon Type)

Milk Type: Cow
Style: Soft Washed Rind
Treatment: Pasteurized
Origin: Jura, France
Rennet: Traditional
Mouthfeel:Spreadable, Sticky, Gooey
Flavor: Nutty, Herbacious, Mushroomy, Damp Cave, Balanced

Douceur du Jura, or “Gift of Jura” is a pasteurized cow’s milk cheese native to the mountains of Jura, France. These soft nutty wheels have graciously welcomed their current recognition as a Reblochon prototype for the US market. It came into the lime-light in 2004 when traditional raw Reblochon was no longer accessible due to the US enforcement of laws concerning the pasteurization of soft and semi-soft cheeses. We no longer have access to the raw stuff, but you can’t hold anything against Doucer Du Jura - its success rests in its ability to stand on its own. Like the OG stuff,  these wheels are put into a cellar to dry, and are turned every 2 days then washed with whey which gives the rind an orange-yellow color and velvety texture. The rich and delightful nutty aftertaste contrasts with a subtle moist and herbal aroma of the cellar.
Ingredients: Pasteurized cow's milk, salt, rennet, lactic starters, E160b
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