Since 1989, Gourmet Imports is a wholesale importer and distributor of gourmet cheese, foie gras, baking items, and many other imported and domestic specialty food items.
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Boudoirs de Fete - Lady Fingers
from France by Cantreau
Crepe Dentelle
from France by Gavottes
Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans
from United States by Gourmet Imports
Dulce de Leche
from United States by Roland
Fan Wafers - Butter
from United States by Bon Patissier
Fig Cake with Marcona Almonds
from Spain by Mitica
French Almond Macaroons - French Favorites
from France
Lavender Honey Candy Drops
from France by Mas des Abeilles
Migos - Dried Pajarero Figs
from Spain by Mitica
Valrhona Equinoxe - Crunchy Pearls
from France by Valrhona
Valrhona Equinoxe - Orange
from France by Valrhona
Valrhona Guanaja Dark Chocolate Bar - 70%
from France by Valrhona
Valrhona Manjari Dark Chocolate Bar - 64%
from France by Valrhona
Valrhona Tanariva Milk Chocolate Bar - 33%
from France by Valrhona
Cocoa Nibs - Grue de Cacao
from France by Valrhona
Crunchy Chocolate Pearls - 55%
from France by Valrhona
Crystalized Ginger
from Thailand by Gourmet Imports
Dark Chocolate and Ground Coffee Beans
from France by Pastry 1
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